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Olive Payroll OlivePay DiY Self Service -

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Staying in compliance with the latest tax laws is an important part of payroll. OlivePay DiY automatically completes payroll tax forms for your tax filings and         tax payments leaving you free to focus on running your business.

1.   Pay employees

Just enter hours for easy, instant paychecks and automatic payroll tax calculations. Print checks yourself or use direct deposit.

2.    Pay payroll taxes

OlivePay DiY automatically calculates federal and state payroll taxes for you. It keeps you fully aware of what you owe and reminds you when to pay. Paying your taxes is just an easy click to e-pay.

3.   File payroll tax forms

OlivePay DiY automatically completes the latest federal and most state payroll tax forms for you. Filing your tax forms is just an easy click to e-file.


  • Employer access - easy log in to your suite of services…everything is just a click away
  • Employee access – easy log in allows employees to view and access pay stubs and change date range on their report to view different timespans
  • Initial payroll setup fee – setup is easy, quick and user friendly. We can also handle your initial setup for an additional fee
  • Payroll reminder – email reminder when it’s time to do payroll
  • Easy paychecks – just enter hours – OlivePay DiY will calculate paychecks, subtracting payroll taxes and deductions
  • Instant checks or direct deposit – flexible payment options allow timely and effortless employee payments
  • Automatic tax calculations – federal and state payroll taxes are automatically calculated and tracked so you know what you owe 
  • Automatically completes payroll tax forms for tax payments and tax filings – all you do is review the forms when it’s time for submission
  • Click to electronically file and pay taxes – simple and effortless – just review information and then click to e-file or e-pay
  • Reminders when taxes and forms are due – email reminders and “To Do Items” log in reminders alert you to these important payroll tax compliances
  • Pay W2 employees – handle both hourly and salaried employees or pay groups of employees on different days
  • Pay 1099 contractors – hassle free payments and production of year-end 1099s
  • New hire setup – meet compliance with easy state new hire setup forms
  • New hire reporting – detailed support for new hire compliance and reporting
  • 401K service – easily enter 401K payroll deductions
  • Garnishment payment service – simple setup and calculations
  • Free year-end help – we’re here to help you with all your year-end tasks
  • Ability to print year-end W2s
  • Year-end forms included – create W2s, W3s, 1099s or 1096s
  • Federal quarterly forms included – and with just a click, completed and ready for review before submission
  • Annual, quarterly and monthly reports – all the reports you need to stay on top of your payroll and taxes or provide to your accountant for handling
  • Phone and email support– we’re here to help you through every step, any time
  • Integrates with QuickBooks – hassle free export to QuickBooks – just click export and it’s done 


Starts from $39/month